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each moment has its own beauty

Whilst having a 'latte' at Starbucks dreaming about california summers,I had read a quote from another photographers website 'Each moment has its own beauty'I looked up and saw a stunning women, I knew I had photographed her before an actress ? a model ? I couldnt remember, in the studio I remembered, I had photographed her as a bride.In one...


wedding in Villa Pauli

I have never been to Peru, Alisha was my first peruvian bride and wow how beautiful she was, I just loved the wedding dress. There were some great moments this was the best, the light burst though the window nd i remember what you were thinking about ...


greatest ever wedding moment photo

After recent events I decided to go through all my photos and decide what was the best ever wedding moment photo I have photographed, this is it, going under the Golden Gate bridge San Francisco, this was the you may kiss the bride moment. Thanks Amanda and Mike for letting share this moment with you, it was on...