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Ian Johnson Photo

Welcome to the new blog and news of Ian Johnson Photo.

Gothia cup football or soccer

This week Im taking some days off. I and my son Nick have travelled to Gothenburg Sweden to play some soccer. Gothia Cup is the worlds biggest and best soccer competition this year 33,000 players are here from 66 different lands. Last night was the opening ceremony it was truly impressive in front of 55,000 people there was a fireworks...


La Maltese Imerovigli

Im working on my Santorini wedding at the moment, editing all the photographs, then I came across one of my assistant Nick's shots and noticed myself in the right hand corner wedged into the wall hand holding these shots, well its all possible with the Nikon D3 .. what a camera. However the La Maltese was pretty spectacular also. For any...


Wayne and Colleen Rooney early wedding days

At a recent wedding show I attended, a couple were discussing a photo of mine on show. I asked if I could help them , he replied in a very strong liverpudlian accent ' It looks like Wayne and Colleen were planning their wedding a little longer then we think '. This was from one of my favorite weddings photographed...


Santorini Rolls Royce

Here's a funny from a Santorini wedding his and her donkeys, my bride and groom thankfully walked through the little village to the La Maltese...