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Who is the model and who is the farmer ?

Im just putting together the last pages of Bruce and Lisa's wedding album together now, I just love this moment the priest is his sermon to the couple said ' which one of you is a model which one is a farmer ...


When the sun shines

Ok so it has rained for a month, your weather forecast for your wedding day is rain, 10 minutes earlier you see the blackiest looking clouds then when you start the bridal portrait session the sun shines ...


Baglioni Hotel

Baglioni Hotel Italian wedding style, surrounded by movie star celebrities and her Jimmy Choo shoes Maria used Baglioni Hotel for her get ready shots and honeymoon wedding night suite. There were so many great places to photograph in this hotel .  In the heart of Knightbridge  a fantastic venue to start your wedding day . Before becoming a wedding photographer...


Wedding at Fulham Palace

Last week I was in London for a wedding. It was in Fulham. My mother was born in Fulham, When I did my venue light check I had many Deja Vu s from being there as a child, I certainly had been there before and vividly remembering the allotments just behind Fulham Palace road. CONTACT Ian Johnson Photo Click here on


Wedding in RED

My wedding over the weekend was set on an island, it had a destination wedding feel to it. Leila the bride was beautiful, half French half Tunisian. I just loved the the venue. I asked the bride Leila where the theme came from , she replied ' I just love this time of year'.I saw a wedding guest...