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Maria and Ricks 116 Pall Mall Institute of Directors Wedding in London

Maria and Ricks wedding was held at 116 Pall Mall Institute of Directors Wedding in London. Here are a few wedding photos from the day. 116 Pall Mall  Institute of Directors is an impressive venue is both flexible and fun, in the heart of London starting with a columned entrance and incredible staircase the venue also has with eight magnificent and...


D Day 6th June 1944 Juno Beach

D Day On June 6, 1944, about 150,000 troops stormed the beaches of France in the epic D-Day invasion, my dad in the navy served on HMS Duke of Wellington, his position was to work on the landing crafts, lucky that day he operated the ramp at the front of the landing craft. On his second journey that morning...


Wedding Season 2014 has started again

Wedding season is upon us it has started for me again with weddings in England Italy Sweden in the next month.  I love and just want to photograph people happy people its simple and I love telling the stories of their wedding through photography, Saturday was no different I love it. Here are a few wedding photos that I liked from...


A touch of blue wedding

The color blue is more popular, as a favorite color, than any other, a blue flower bridal bouquet is a perfect addition to a white or cream wedding dress. Blue will add a touch of royalty and distinction. These flowers still remain a popular choice for weddings, blue bridal bouquets, buttoniers  work aswell. There are many varieties of blue flowers,...

colchester themed wedding costume

Wedding Story 2

Here is another wedding photo from wedding stories, well you can see straight away this was a themed wedding, it took place just outside Colchester and of course the theme had a mediaeval theme to it. I had a lot of fun that day a hundred guests all dressed in Medievil costumes for this wedding.  Actually there was only three of...