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Sorrento Wedding Idea of the week

Wedding idea of the week comes from Sorrento . Wedding sun umbrellas for outdoor ceremonies in very warm locations . This weekend was one of them half of the guests in Sorrento during the ceremony were sat in the sun , so they proved really useful. Jane the bride had a great idea all the girls at the wedding holding...

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Sorrento Wedding

Here are some of the first photos I am posting from this weekends Sorrento wedding an amazing day had by all . However its not clear who paid for the fireworks display in the evening .  A grooms gift to his new wife , a bestmans gift to his brother , a dad for his newlywed daughter , it could...

Sorrento wedding photographers

Destination wedding in Sorrento preparations

Im in Sorrento at the moment, getting ready to photograph a wedding in Sorrento this weekend.  As  a wedding photographer as normal I do all my preparation work before. Checking light areas for the best wedding photography. There were two weddings in Sorrento that day .  The wedding photographer in Sorrento had a bit of a nightmare with this woman,...