Leeds white wedding ideas

Leeds white wedding

Leah and Steve 's Leeds wedding truly was a spectacular event . Truly a wedding photographers treat ,  details , great drama , a cool couple and amazing family friends. I certainly wont forget this wedding weekend  in Leeds in a while. It was a Jewish wedding as you can see in a Marquee .  The Marquee was fabulous in a...

New York

New York City

New York City, I have been to New York and have photographed weddings there, for a photographer what is there not to love about the Big Apple. It really is a magical city and with every visit I fall in love with it more and more coming back home with memories for a lifetime. So it is so sad to...

celebrity wedding photographer

Portrait gallery is up

The new celebrity portrait Gallery,  not a wedding celebrity gallery is now up and running with 12 portraits in the slideshow .   This gallery will include actors actresses and directors.  the first photo you will see is Ed Harris, and you will see the same off the gallery which is looking to the always and see what they are thinking....

natural wedding

Just one

Just one wedding photo from yesterdays wedding I couldnt wait to see on my screen . There was a lovely moment yesterday that wedding photographers just love , a very natural reportage wedding photo.  Here we see the moment Alex was told after kissing his bride  ' well actually you are not married yet ! '   Actually this was one...