winter wedding

winterweddings photographers cold hands and busy week

Im just posting a few photos of the past weeks winter weddings that I have photographed. I have a full winter wedding  from London to process now, more wedding photographer faves will follow , but you can see here some winterwedding bridal portraits, a winterwedding with a touch of pink, outdoor winter wedding portrait sessions .Im just posting a few...

indoor wedding ceremony

wedding photostories and a little more

A simple walk up the aisle , the journey to get married often is a long one. To get there to the alter some wedding stories are fun , some unbelievable  and some should have movies made out of them . This wedding was the latter , I wont write or tell  what that story is about , I will...

mini cakes

mini wedding cakes on a stick

Mini wedding cakes on a stick idea. I really love this idea of wedding cakes on a stick for weddings. As a wedding photographer I love photographing the the wedding cake. For me the wedding brings together the wedding photography. Most of my couples somehow dread the cutting on the cake moment and ask how can we do it differently.  I have...


wakeboard and wakeboarding no more assisting

Wakeboard yes, not a wedding and now it looks like my son will no longer interested in assisting me on my weddings, meet my son Nick the wakeboarder, who also is a great wedding photographer here is his film he edited of himself in Thailand. Nick Johnson a month in Thailand from Nick Johnson on Vimeo. sorry for that ...