Winter Weddings

The celebration of love, a wedding day, is a wondrous experience and one of the most special moments in your life. It’s not surprising that planning the event is always nerve racking – everything has to be perfect, extraordinary and unique. This is why couples around the world are always redefining the border where creativity meets tradition. This is why one of the newest trends in wedding ceremonies is winter weddings. Giving you a truly magical, wonderland-like experience, the romantic atmosphere of such a wedding lights up and fills with passion and love the frozen and cold idea of the winter times. Whether you have met with your loved one in the winter and want your wedding to reflect your first romantic moments, or you simply want to embrace the magical season, winter weddings are the perfect choice.

Winter Wedding Photographers

However, due to the reflective nature of the winter atmosphere, you should put in more time when choosing a winter wedding photographer. Be sure that he or she is truly a professional, in a way a true artist, who can capture the magical atmosphere in great detail. As a wedding photographer nothing is more testing than photographing a winter wedding. You can read here on my website at the Ice Hotel in Sweden I photographed a wedding at minus 32. Of course light is something to plan around. An experienced winter wedding photographer will help you.

Best Winter Wedding Venues

One of the most perfect venues for a winter wedding is the infamous Ice Hotel in Sweden. Being the world’s largest hotel, which is made entirely out of ice and snow, the experience will truly be once in a lifetime and unique. Depending on the setting you desire, other great famous ainter wedding venues are Mohonk Mountain House in Upstate New York, it was this venue that inspired the film The Shining, another winter wedding venue the Budir Church in the desolate landscape Budir in Iceland, I have photographed at some ski resorts in Chamonix France,. Lech in Austria is another very popular area for winter weddings.

Winterwedding Tips Ideas Planning

Colors, Flowers, Atmosphere Centerpieces

Every wedding needs planning winter weddings need a lot more. As with almost any other style for a wedding, you have to consider a variety of details when planning. In order to capture the atmosphere, anything from the invitations to the winter wedding photography, so photographers are of importance.

A minimalist color palette, mix of silver and white are prefect for such a theme. Additionally blue crystal accents would be perfect, if you want to embrace a more magical, frozen, atmosphere. Furthermore, shade of whites color of the bridal bouquet, is a perfect contrast and one of the best choices of flowers are calla lilies, white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses, for a winter wedding. When considering the centerpieces, be sure to heighten the drama by bringing the icy outdoors atmosphere indoors. Ice-Carved sculptures or vases would be a perfect choice. Hanging crystals to reflect the light and using frosted glass china will further the experience. I have had two winter weddings where the couples have had snow machines. One was a November wedding in the UK, when normally there is no snow.This weekend there was, I remember the groom asking me should he cancel the company not to arrive. Luckily he didn't so as guests arrived at the wedding reception they were greeted with soft falling snow.

Nothing is more romantically inspiring for winter wedding photography,blue skies, snow, frozen countryside but filled with warmth atmosphere of an inspired bride and groom enjoying their winter wedding. Creative and unique photography will further enhance the memorability of your wedding day, both for you and your guests. While for some the icy glow may seem cold and distant for me its not I love photographing winter weddings in a unique and warm way. Even if a winter wedding isn’t on your list, be sure to consider it, as it will make your special event into a mesmerizing wondrous fairytale.