Do I photograph normal weddings ?


Yes I was actually asked this question once. A couple wondered after seeng my work thought my work looked very 'glamour''Hollywoodish' and everyone looked like a model.

Actually that question was a huge compliment.Why because 99% of all my couples getting married are not celebrities or models, but everyday working people. Secretly I think I want to make their day, the best day they have ever had and there day is told in breath taking photos.

The photo here Im showing is over 23 years old it was my first ever wedding .... it was my test wedding because I got married the very next year..... I didnt get any photos like this though.

Wedding Photography

How do we book you ?

Booking your wedding photographer

Booking your wedding photographer is simple. Simply contact me and see If I am available on your wedding day. I will send you a booking form and require a retainer of £500.00 is required to hold the day. I will send you a confirmation once I have received these and sign the booking form for your records. Your wedding photographer is then booked.

Wedding Photographer

Do we need to meet you ?

In the past, before the internet, websites, Skype and Facetime I would say yes before you book me.

Nowadays there really is no need before you book me, all my work, albums, books are available to view online,

However, I recommend informal meeting up at least once before the wedding. It is important to ensure that we have a plan you both want and the Wedding Photos you really want from the day.

How do you work with Destination Weddings

A lot of planning goes into a destination weddings, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience
From the moment you have been booked me, my destination wedding planning starts, I research everything, where the wedding ceremony is, what hotels are close by, looking at flight options so I arrive at least one full day ahead,generally two nights ahead of the wedding . I try to find out the schedule of the day/s events, who is your local wedding planner if you have one. Do I need permits to photograph there , what is the weather like at that time of year .
I photographed in the Ice Hotel when it was minus 31 degrees. I had plastic bags for my camera's leaving them in different areas for the temperature changes to avoid condensation on the camera's sensors and lens. It is the same with humidity and protecting the compact disc cards from condensation and destroying the cards.

Once you have received your deposit, use it immediately to book flights, hotel accommodation and car hire. Being a professional Wedding Photographer

Do I visit the wedding venue

Yes, I do. This is a very important part of my style of working. It is very important to mean to know where the great light on the day will be is there anything extra I should know or bring on the day. Do you have to be there? No . However after my visit, I will always share a professional opinion with you to make your day the best it can be.

How much do you charge

Wedding Prices

I have packages for everyone and every wedding situation. A weekend wedding on a Saturday or Sunday for my most popular packages are between £1495 and 7 hours at £1695. Midweek weddings are of course a little cheaper.

Destination Weddings within Europe start at £2100.00 / 2500euro. Again some midweek destinations in Europe cost a little less. Of course with destination weddings, hotel night and travel expenses are a little extra.

Drop me an email by going to the contact page I have plenty of 2017 dates still open.

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What about formal and group photographs?

Wedding formal photographs

"Do you take formal and group photographs?" is a question I'm always asked after may be your mum has gone on my website to see who you have booked.

Answer Yes, at every wedding. It's up to you the couple how many you want. I know mums dads and older generation still loves these photographs. I will always try to give them a modern look depending on where we take these photos.

One thing to remember though is how long it takes, for me the photographer once everyone is there it's a 30 second job. ORGANISING the photo finding family averages 5 minutes a set up.