Modern Wedding Photography Portraits

Modern Wedding Photography Portraits

Modern Wedding Photography anyone who has looked through wedding albums from the past will have been struck by one thing; they all look the same! Every shot is a mirror image of another one even though they will have different subjects, be at different venues and have different wedding photographers.

While these where all well and good in their time we are now in the 21st first century, and modern wedding photography rules OK! Intimate moments, crowds from above, brides reflected in a mirror, these are just a few examples of what modern wedding photography brings to your album.

What is it?So what exactly does the term modern wedding photography mean? In a world dominated by social media, smartphones with cameras and selfies, people look at photographs in a completely different way now.

We have waved goodbye to formality and welcomed in a whole new trend where photos not only capture moments in time they bring them to life. Today's weddings are far removed from those of even a generation ago, so it stands to reason that the photography element will also have moved with the times.

Why should we have it? Modern couples who have modern weddings what modern wedding photography to capture their day. It really is as simple as that. Informal pictures of the entire day including the bride getting ready, guests arriving and even the groom greeting guests all go to create an album that captures the essence of the entire day. Yes, there are the odd formal shot with mums and dads etc but apart from that anything goes really, within reason of course.

Couples control their own weddings today and it's only right that they also control their photographic memories.

What are the advantages?It gives the bride and groom more input into the kind of images they want rather than be run through a strict regime you know the photographer has rattled off numerous times before. Images of the happy couple having a special moment together by a lake, or strolling hand in hand around their venue.

You have the entire day captured rather than just a small part of it in between the ceremony and the reception. When you have a modern wedding photographer snapping away you have the kind of images that make you smile when you look at them, which instantly bring back memories, and will tell the tale of the day.

What are the disadvantages? You'll have to think of those for yourselves as personally I can't think of any! How can there be any disadvantages of making the most of the wonderful setting the couple has chosen, capturing their entire day and being able to put a smile on their faces for years to come? Oldies at the wedding may complain about the informality of it all but it's the bride and groom's day after all and whatever they say goes.

Modern Wedding Photographer Portraits