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Wakeboard Sunday

Nick my son an avid wakeboarder and training for the nationals now , just nailed a ' Backside 180 ' luckily I was in the boat when he did it. ...


NFL Football Stars Wedding Day

During the filming of Wedding Day in Atlanta I had the pleasure to meet Jamal Anderson , during this pick up match one of the groomsmen joked that Jamal was only playing at 10% ...


Atlanta Wedding Le-Jardin-Blanc TNT’s Wedding Day

Sara and Bryans wedding at Le Jardin Blanc in Douglasville Atlanta. [caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="Le Jardin Blanc Atlanta Wedding Venue"][/caption] Le Jardin Blanc a top Wedding Venue in  Douglasville Atlanta  IJP offers wedding photography service in Atlanta and covers Le Jardin Blanc in Douglasville. ...