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Save the Date for 2015

Tips Ideas on Wedding Planning The wedding date is a milestone event in your life. Although the wedding planning process takes an enormous amount of time, the date and the guest list are two of the first items you have to decide on with your spouse after your engagement. Once you’ve confirmed with the wedding venue and the date is set...


Wedding Photographer in Positano and Sorrento

Wedding Photographer for Positano and Sorrento Weddings Have you always fantasized about getting married in paradise? Do the words Positano Ravello or Sorrento come to mind A lot of brides and grooms dream as well, dream of having a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, off to somewhere exotic or mind-blowingly beautiful places. It was once something usually done by celebrities. However,...


Richard Attenborough

I had the pleasure of photographing Richard Attenborough a few years ago in Los Angeles at Sony Studios. I photographed him for the film Juraissic Park, he won an Oscar for directing Ghandi. My dad was a huge fan I remember telling my father that I was about to photograph Richard Attenborough and my dad jokingly said hopefully he will remember your...


A wedding in Positano

Positano I am just back from Positano. I want to post 100 photos from this wedding but here are just half a dozen. I will post a few more very soon I am sure.  I have always loved Positano I simply love the area. Trying to get the background of the town and the wedding couple in the photo proved a...