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stockholm wedding

a wonderful night in stockholm

a wonderful night in stockholm I mentioned in the previous mail I was in Manilla, Nedre Manilla Stockholm . It was a perfect Stockholm night warm and light that lent itself to some wonderful informal portraits . Guests enjoyed champagne and canapes on the deck of house . I also mentioned the Vera Wang dress, but the bridesmaids wearing their...


a love letter wedding

a love letter wedding David and Erin s love letter wedding with a french accent , amazing reception tent , a stunning Vera Wang dress and a roasting hot day in Manilla .. I just had to post straight away ...


agent provocateur wedding

agent provocateur wedding An agent provocateur wedding for a wedding photographer , yes you will become excited ! The wedding details were amazing, the colors intense I loved them, here are just a few . [caption id="attachment_1174" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="\'\' agent provocateur weddings \'\'"][/caption] ...


the comedian was not my assistant

Björn Gustafsson Ok here is a funny post , this is to confirm that comedian Björn Gustafsson wasnt my assistant this weekend at Camilla Läckberg and Martin Melins wedding , yes it was a celebrity dream wedding but Björn wasnt there . The assistant was my son Nick . It will be the last wedding in a while that...


a very wet wedding ..

a very wet wedding As I have said my wedding on Saturday was the wettest wedding I have ever photographed . But as Camilla said that was the wow factor , I loved it. I was in Stockholm at Häringe Slott this weekend , Camilla Läckberg the author had wrote the award winning bestselling book The Ice Princess ....