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Rocknroll Church Wedding

  I photographed a great church wedding this weekend. The ceremony had a performance from what could be described as a Rock n Roll singer with the moves of Elvis. Not often now do you here applause during a church wedding but on Saturday we did. Even me the wedding photographer wanted to hand some applause. Unexpected moments are one of the...


Why Mexico is such a great venue for weddings

Why Mexico is such a great location for weddings With more and more happy couples opting for exotic locations for their nuptials several countries are really coming to the forefront of the overseas weddings boom. No wonder getting married in Mexico is popular. There is nothing not to like about an overseas wedding in fairness. Guaranteed weather, a stunning backdrop and...

Cabo wedding

Angelique and Patricks Cabo San Lucas beach wedding

At the Casa Del Mar resort with the sun glistening on the azure sea, the pristine white sands and the palm trees rippling in the gentle breeze, is there a more perfect setting for a beach wedding. Angelique and Patrick didn't think this in October after the Cabo San Lucas hurricane hit the area. They rearranged their wedding date to...


Wedding Photography

You may not remember me but you were our wedding photographer on the 29th September 2007. I'm contacting you as I'm looking for a copy of a wedding photograph that you took of me and my husband that you emailed me years ago. It's a black and white photo where we walking away as you called us to look back....

sparklers at Italian wedding

Another Positano wedding photo

I have a feeling in my Best of 2014 I will have a few from Positano. As I have said the  best of  weddings 2014 is taking a little longer than normal this year, but here is another contender that will make the top ten wedding photos. The reception has ended now off to the party as the guests line the streets of...