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wakeboard and weddings

wakeboard and weddings The summer has been busy with weddings, but with just 7 or 8 weddings left this year , I took a day off , to go and see my son 16 year old Nick at college , a special college , just for wakeboarding. It was the first time I have visited him since he moved away from...


confetti and suzanne neville

confetti and suzanne neville When I met Sam and Ant one of the wedding ideas was to have lots of confetti and flower petals , I dont think I will ever forget their faces directly after all their wedding guests had thrown the confetti , I dont think I will ever forget what their hair looked like after either. Normally...


yorkshire puds and curlywurlys on the wedding menu

wedding menu Sam and Ants Patshull Hall wedding over the weekend had a wonderful wedding menu , on the menu included a roast , yorkshire puddings , fruit pie, fresh cream , finished off with chocolate cup cakes and curlywurlys. The wedding here at Patshull had so many stories for a photographer, confetti , susanne neville...


Patshull Hall

Patshull Hall It was nt just the golfers at Celtic Manor that were affected by the rain yesterday , wedding photographers aswell. But today the sun is shining and the wedding venue of Patshull Hall looks stunning. More wedding photos coming soon. [caption id="attachment_1332" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="\'\' Patshull Hall \'\'"][/caption] ...