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Hayley and David s Leeds Castle wedding.

Leeds Castle wedding Over the weekend Hayley and David were married at Leeds Castle a stunning wedding venue . The wedding cake's motto said ' Love is all you need '  , that sentence described the wedding , because there was a ton of it   aswell there was a lot of champagne and a lot of good humour .  It also had...


The Kings Speech

The Kings Speech Congratulations to The Kings Speech for Best Film at the Oscars .  At my wedding I have to congratulate Hayley and David at Leeds Castle , a wedding venue in Kent.  Hayley looked stunning in her vintage styled look , her dress just stunning, she could of easily been mistaken  as an actress in the film ,...


chocky wocky doo dah cakes

chocky wocky doo dah cakes Chocky wocky doo dah cakes I love them .  The company is famous for great chocolate designs Yesterday 's cake was one of the best I have ever seen . It looked so good it really smelt good aswell  I would describe it as a retro cool wedding cake with a carnival of color. ...


Destination Weddings and Honeymoon magazine

Destination Weddings and Honeymoon magazine One of my very cool destination weddings has been featured in Destination Weddings magazine . David and Erins summer wedding in Stockholm Sweden  was incredible . Erin looked stunning in her Vera Wang wedding dress . here are a few  links to the Stockholm wedding The magazine is about planning your perfect day romantic wedding destinations, blogs,real...


today is about semla

today is about semla I think it looks better than a pancake,  this is one of the benefits of marrying a swede. The  history semla it was originally eaten only on Shrove Tuesday ' Pancake Day ' as the last festive food before Lent. However, with the arrival of the Protestant Reformation  the Swedish people stopped observing a strict fasting for...