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''Top Knot Winner''

first place in PDN Top Knot weddings 2011

PDN Top Knot weddings 2011  Wow jumping for joy at the moment with news of a first place in PDN's Top Knot Weddings 2011 contest . Also great news that I have won a Nikon camera aswell , another D3 would be nice . This competition for wedding photographers really is the most prestigious contest to win . [caption id="attachment_1783" align="aligncenter"...


state of the wedding industry

Wedding Industry Last Friday I was interviewed by a magazine about the state of wedding photography , what changes had I seen along the way in the 21 years I have photographed weddings . One can imagine it was a long interview and sometimes some very tough questions that needed honest answers . Always though we kept coming back to one...


just an amazing man

just an amazing man Yesterday in the studio , I was given a gift , the gift of meeting a great man, Emanuel . There are moments in life that are defined, this was one of them. I was humbled by his grace , dignity and bravery , for decisions he had made in the past and now for the future,...


the musician

the musician I have been editing my Brides magazine jewish wedding today , I came across this photo of one of the jewish wedding musician . The group were sensational ...