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Best of the coffee table book covers

One of the best parts now of being a photographer is working on the Coffee table book after.This wedding was a Destination wedding in Sweden, an American Finnish wedding with a big 'ice hockey' theme. The cover is a montage of three shots from the dayI loved this out of focus shot with this Italian theme a Tuscan walland their...


Celebrity Wedding Guest

I have been working on some photographs of Ted and Saras wedding in Los Angeles, the venue was the Disney Concert Hall downtown LA. There was a fantastic moment when we were doing the bride portraits, a very special celebrity wedding guest arrived It was big bird ...


a vintage Harpers Bazaar

Over the weekend I was just looking through my collection of vintage fashion magazines, when I came across a then modern wedding from Sept 1949 .The photos are classic, the wedding was a Miss Patsy Pulitzer and David Frost. An interesting note about a boy giving the bride a wedding present .. it was a fishing reel.The dress it says...


Wildfire wedding Los Angeles

Over the weekend I was at Ted and Sara's wedding in downtown Los Angeles. The venue was the Disney Concert Hall an incredible place to visit. The fires had started on Sunday so there was no problems there. The drive home back along the 101 in the evening to Malibu canyon was a spectaular one against the backdrop of...