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No more Destination weddings in Greece ?

No more 'weddings with a view'A Greek Catholic bishop on Monday said tourists could no longer be married in some of Greece's top Aegean island destinations including Santorini and Crete in reaction to a growing trade in "wedding with a view" packages offered by travel agents."We have taken the decision to bar (all weddings) to protect the sacrament's holiness...


' Where the hell is Matt ' or Chris ?

On my Sunday wedding Andrew and Karen met on a dance floor, Andrew amongst other things is a dancer. When we met to at the wedding venue Yaxley Hall , I mentioned the 'Where the Hell is Matt' video on Youtube. I thought it would be great to have this as the group shot ...


Halswell House Wedding

You would think this is from a Estee Lauder photo shoot, but its from my wedding at Halswell House a perfect location for a wedding in the country.For more info please contact me at ian johnson photo on the contact page...