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Elle at Yaxley Hall Wedding

My daughter Elle wanted to assist me on this wedding, when we did the run through, days earlier. Elle pleaded with me could she carry my camera bags, the reason she just loved Yaxley Hall ' I feel so good here' she said I agreed, not only did she carry my bags I gave her a camera to shoot aswell.Not...


No more Destination weddings in Greece ?

No more 'weddings with a view'A Greek Catholic bishop on Monday said tourists could no longer be married in some of Greece's top Aegean island destinations including Santorini and Crete in reaction to a growing trade in "wedding with a view" packages offered by travel agents."We have taken the decision to bar (all weddings) to protect the sacrament's holiness...


' Where the hell is Matt ' or Chris ?

On my Sunday wedding Andrew and Karen met on a dance floor, Andrew amongst other things is a dancer. When we met to at the wedding venue Yaxley Hall , I mentioned the 'Where the Hell is Matt' video on Youtube. I thought it would be great to have this as the group shot ...