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a bit Hollywood wedding ish

At the recent australian destination wedding I did between Kylie and James. A part of mine wedding planning is to introduce myself ask the priest about the service.I always ask when in the service will the kiss be, normally there are three different moments this could be. This priest gave me the look and said ' ooooh thats a bit...


Castle Winter Wedding

Destination weddings are over for the year, next stop Los Angeles. Groom Peter and the bride Sandra had just the most amazing day, we were so lucky with everything, except the veil flying off into space. Everywhere we walked there was a new location to shoot at. They took my advice and brought very long sparklers to light up...


Santorini Greece

This wedding photo is from Santorini Greece, Im looking through all my best wedding photos, to do my year end book.This photograph will definatly find a place in the wedding book, being a destination wedding photographer has its benefits , travelling to Santorini is one of them....


Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Just read an article for on Vera Wang Dresses and Barbie, Barbie is turning the big 50. Vera Wang is designing a wedding dress for her. Next year our favourite doll is celebrating her 50th Birthday party and is doing so in true style.Toy company Mattel, who have been making Barbie’s before many of us were even born, have revealed...