The Blog is Under Construction December 2016

Ian Johnson Photo

Welcome to the new blog and news of Ian Johnson Photo.

Polyfoto Vintage Style Photobooths

How cool would this be at a wedding , I just found these in an old family photobox. If you cant read the red text there is a great line of ' Polyfoto is the only system of photography giving natural and truly characteristic portraits, SINCE THE SITTER can move and converse freely whilst 48 photographs are being taken' ...


Brides UK and Wedding TV

This past weekend Brides magazine had me go to Halswell House for a wedding in Somerset. I had photographed a wedding there last year,I was really excited to go back . Rachel a producer with Wedding TV so I knew this would be a special one and I was right. Lots of fun guests, It was also lovely to meet...


Whats Hot Ian Johnson Photo

Whats hot in weddings Im starting something new now a visual guide once a week of what is hot in weddings here is a preview for the first PhotoBooths, Signature drinks and a great read a book of the week...