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Perfect wedding gift a wedding robot

The perfect wedding gift a wedding robot and guess what their website says ‘ The Wedding Robot can be custom-made to look like a family member.’ Wow do I want to photograph one of these. If you get one of these charmers please mail me for the Ian Johnson Photo Wedding robot discount package. I may buy one...


Wedding Day | New TV Series on TNT | Photographer

I am so excited to announce that a hot new TV show called WEDDING DAY that I have been working on as the Wedding Day photographer is scheduled to premier on June 16th, 2009 on TNT- (this will be TNT's first reality/drama). A year ago last April I worked on the pilot and the season finale in January. This amazing...


Polyfoto Vintage Style Photobooths

How cool would this be at a wedding , I just found these in an old family photobox. If you cant read the red text there is a great line of ' Polyfoto is the only system of photography giving natural and truly characteristic portraits, SINCE THE SITTER can move and converse freely whilst 48 photographs are being taken' ...