Sorrento wedding photographers

Destination wedding in Sorrento preparations

Im in Sorrento at the moment, getting ready to photograph a wedding in Sorrento this weekend.  As  a wedding photographer as normal I do all my preparation work before. Checking light areas for the best wedding photography. There were two weddings in Sorrento that day .  The wedding photographer in Sorrento had a bit of a nightmare with this woman,...

Hairdressers Wedding Fulham

Queens a few more wedding photos

From the photos above you really cant see how much rain was falling at the wedding at  Queens Tennis club last weekend. The photo of the tennis courts gives you some idea though as well as the wedding car pulling away. The Fulham hairdresser was brilliant and at one moment became the wedding photographers assistant .  Infact everyone was helping out...

bluemoon wedding

back from a Blue moon Manchester wedding

I just arrived back from a wedding in Manchester , actually it was the first time I have ever been to Manchester .  I was told it always rains in Manchester, but not on Saturday the sun shone on Kate and Steve.  They had a Teepee wedding just outside the city on a farm , they filled the Teepee with...