Its not only wedding season

Wakeboard season has started to. Nick my son is a diehard wakeboarder .. he loves it, he tells me ' dad its like im flying' Next month hes off for another wakeboard camp and this year Nick will compete in the nationals. Wow its fun photographing him, if i didnt do weddings, sitting in a sunny boat...

''Pub weddings''

The Pub wedding part two

Check out below here are are a couple of good ones from the Pub wedding that didnt get published . In the wedding magazine if you want to see the full wedding please drop me an email .  Everyone loves a cool quirky fun pub wedding.  I have just booked another London wedding at a pub in North London at...


The Pub wedding

I have always called this my pub wedding its just been published in Weddings magazine. Directly after the ceremony Louise and Rob told me there was a little change of plan, they were not going to the reception venue .. they said they needed some chill time from the wedding day and went to the pub for a quick...