Wedding Photographer | George Best or Lionel Messi
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George Best or Lionel Messi

George Best Lionel Messi

George Best or Lionel Messi

Not only do I love photographing weddings , I do love football aswell . I came across an artist Zoran Lucić today who will have an exhibition in London in the spring, the show is called  Fantasista Exhibition .   My two favourites were George Best and Lionel Messi I have seen them both play live , who is the best, I think I know.  I was actually at the World Cup final in 1994 and the Roberto Baggio moment happened right in front of me.

I was a little disappointed not to find a poster of Bobby Moore Im going to have to have a word with Mr Zoran Lucic.

George Best Lionel MessiRoberto Baggio Zoran Lucic

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