Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular every year  and I have been photographing more destination weddings now than ever, last year I visited 10 different countries to photograph.  Here on the website you can view weddings from the Greek islands of  Santorini , Mykonos  and Sifnos , from Italy  there are weddings from Tuscany , Ravelo , Sorrento Sorrento and Sicily Sicily , France Provence and Chamonix plus many more including Ice Hotel , Portugal and Thailand.

Why a destination wedding you can an enjoy a wedding and a relaxing vacation all at the same time with family and friends. Whether it will be a beach resort on Mykonos , a tuscany villa , a vineyard in France or a small Olive farm on Sicily , so it becomes a unique and memorable wedding experience .

Cost less formerly the exclusive domain of celebrities and the ultra-rich, Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an “exotic twist” to their special ceremony. Now close to ten percent of weddings today are overseas .

Cost for guests can be reduced , instead of wanting a wedding gift ask them to use the money for a airticket. Generally  a destination wedding will be an extended weekend , or a midweek break , three or four days. When there is a group rate accomodation at the venue is generally reduced  making it a little more inexpensive .

With a great plan , an overseas will be stress free for the couple , my best tip and advice is choose a location that is easy to get to , with low fare airlines this is possible ,  another tip and idea tell your guests early where the event will be  so they can book the cheapest tickets … dont forget to tell your wedding photographer as well.

Destination Wedding Photography Packages  start at £1400  everything included.

'' Destination weddings ''

Brides cover Mykonos Santorini